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    Sam Ock

    Sam Ock currently resides in Ellicott City, MD. He graduated from the University of Maryland – Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s in Music Technology and serves as the worship leader for the English congregation at Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church. Sam grew up as an introverted, introspective individual, and much of his music reflects the subtleties of his personal experiences. He hopes to serve the Lord to the best of his abilities in being a light and salt to the world whether through worship music, AMP, or his own solo repertoire.



    J. Han

    James Han, also known as J. Han, was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. As a child growing up in an immigrant household, with parents struggling to make a living as blue collar workers, James struggled to find his identity and purpose in this world. For most of his childhood, he desperately tried to discover it in his academic performance, but that pursuit ultimately failed him. However things changed in middle school; that was the first time James was introduced to the culture of hip-hop. The instant camaraderie he experienced amongst fellow “hip-hop heads” was euphoric. The empowerment and confidence he received from listening to the music was captivating — he couldn’t get enough of it. James even starting writing his own rhymes, but kept it all to himself and close friends. Eventually, he began to idolize hip-hop, only to let it consume his thought life and pervert his worldview. “I wanted James Han to be defined by hip-hop,“ he recalls. In 9th grade, after his friend invited him out to a youth group service, James started attending church regularly. He decided to go since he was fairly familiar with church, thanks to sunday services he attended with his parents as a kid, and he saw it as a good thing to do. James was given a wake-up call in 2007 after having an encounter with the Holy Spirit, on his way to a friend’s house. He was convicted of his idolatry and felt the weight of his sinfulness. God revealed to him that all the things his heart was yearning for (identity, purpose, belonging) was wonderfully found in Jesus Christ. God changed his life that day, and he was never the same again In 2012, he graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelors in Communication. Freshman year was a pivotal year for James because that was when he met his fellow label-mates, Sam Ock and CL, and committed to serve God by making music that glorifies Him. He aspires to be faithful to his calling as a son and musician and encourage the generations after him to do greater things for the kingdom. James currently serves as a small group leader for New Covenant Fellowship Church, and resides in Germantown, MD.




    AMP is a collective that seeks to engage their culture through hip-hop with lyrical influences that are rooted in deep Christian tradition. CL, J. Han, and Sam Ock met each other in 2009 to collaborate on two songs “Never Change” and “See You in Heaven”. With the success of “Never Change” hitting 1 million views on Youtube, they decided to unite in similar callings to reach people through music, thus forming AMP. Once formed, AMP saw a speedy release of their freshman self-titled album in the summer of 2010. With welcomed response, AMP began touring across the United States garnering a fervent grassroots following. This new-found support encouraged AMP to write a sophomore album, “Glory Songs,” which released in the summer of 2012. AMP started to gain more recognition by winning the 2012 KingsFest Talent Competition and the CreationFest Indie East Stage Competition, both major Christian summer festivals on the East Coast. They have opened for major recording artists, such as Trip Lee, Jimmy Needham and Starfield. The trio run their creative enterprise with friend and manager, Samuel Kim, working out of the basement of their Maryland homes where they compose, produce and distribute original music under their own record label, Anointed Music Productions (A.M.P.). AMP stands for “amplify,” and that is what the guys want to do: Enlarge the volume of life, music and the gracious giver of both, Jesus Christ.


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    Gowe is a hip hop artist from Seattle Washington who strives to bring something new to the table. Gowe believes that music is a great medium that can connect people of all different backgrounds and beliefs. He is not afraid to push the boundaries of hip hop while remaining pure to his lyrical complexity and staying true to himself as a person.


Glory Songs Deluxe Edition

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  • MVMT_Cover
    The Movement Vol. I Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: The Movement Vol. I

    Release Date: 2015/11/20

  • Website-Releases-towerivory
    Tower Ivory Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Tower Ivory

    Release Date: 2015/05/25

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    J. Han's debut LP, Tower Ivory, is an album about growing pains, a journey towards manhood. Blending hip-hop with elements of jazz, blues, and elevator music, Tower Ivory is the realization of J. Han’s musical identity. This work exists to remind listeners that the expedition is equally as important as the destination.

    Listen Here

    Music Beautiful Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Music Beautiful

    Release Date: 2015/03/30


    Gowe follows up his debut “We Are Hypergiants” album with his Sophomore release “Music Beautiful”. Written in a trying season of life, Gowe paints visceral imagery of discovering beauty in trying circumstances.

  • GREY-1150x540
    Grey Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Grey

    Release Date: 2015/01/02


    Sam Ock's sophomore LP titled "GREY" is an album exploring the space where the blackness of life and purity of truth meet. In a Christian's life, there are moments when the darkest of thoughts and emotions come into contact with absolute truth and hope. Both sides are clearly present and at war with each other. "GREY" is the expression of these two forces clashing within the soul and will hopefully comfort the hearts of many individuals who have also experienced the deep intricacies of living in a dark world with an unshakeable hope in Jesus Christ.

    Listen Here

  • Laus-Deo-website-thumb
    Laus Deo Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Laus Deo

    Release Date: 2014/10/06


    Colossians 3:16
    "Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God."

    The word "hymn" doesn't normally spark excitement within modern church culture. Many churches dismiss hymns as either being ancient religious mantras or having antiquated music structures. What they often overlook are that hymns are one of the greatest sources of spiritual nourishment-they are packed with theological truths and Christian beliefs.

    The goal of this project was for Sam Ock and John Rhee to record and arrange new versions of select hymns. The idea is a simple concept...showcase the beautiful marriage between timeless poetry and modern melody for the purpose of inspiring fellow believers to sing praises and give thanks to our great God.

    Making of Laus Deo (Part 1/3)

    Making of Laus Deo (Part 2/3)

    Making of Laus Deo (Part 3/3)

  • J.-Han_Rejoice_Website_Banner
    Rejoice Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Rejoice

    Release Date: 2014/02/22


    Rejoice is J. Han's debut EP, releasing February 22, 2014. On this project, he wrestles with the harsh reality of loss and what it means to stay positive and hopeful in the face of life’s difficulties. As a man of Christian faith, he believes that maintaining an attitude of rejoicing is crucial to gaining a God-inspired perspective on life. He will be the first to confess that the only reason he can rejoice in his circumstances is because of the compelling joy he has found in his savior, Jesus Christ. As J. Han recollects stories and experiences from the past on this project, he wishes to offer a small reflection of his humanity and hope. Just as he has learned to rejoice in the toughest of times, he hopes that his music will empower listeners to do the same. 

    Listen Here

  • website-MOVE
    Move EP Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Move EP

    Release Date: 2013/11/22


  • AMP_Transition_Website_Banner
    The Transition EP Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: The Transition EP

    Release Date: 2013/09/23


    Every transition we experience in life comes with unknown roads, untaken paths, and uncharted territories. Whether it’s a recent college grad concerned about his uncertain future, or a new parent wondering how to bring a precious but vulnerable little child into a scary world, each transition brings its own share of fear and anxiety to whoever is going through it.

    Transitions also stretch and challenge us in ways we never imagined. AMP knows this well, because they’re going through those exact things. J.Han and Sam Ock are those college grads. CL is that new father. These are all brand new experiences they are dealing with, but it’s through these transitions that they've been able to realize something amazing.

    Listen Here

  • J.-Han_AOS_Website_Banner
    Art of Starch Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Art of Starch

    Release Date: 2013/03/03


    Art of Starch is J.Han’s debut solo project. In this mixtape he aims to articulate his past by examining his upbringing as a “Cleaners Kid”. Realizing his experiences were not something to be trashed as insignificant but rather something to be embraced, he shares his heart and convictions, taking the listener through his life journey. This mixtape features a number of collaborations with artists Sam Ock, Gowe, Mickey Cho, Lyricks, CL, and Jae Jin.

    Listen Here

  • Gowe_SBS_Website_Banner
    Summer Breeze Sonatas Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Summer Breeze Sonatas

    Release Date: 2012/12/02


    GOWE - Summer Breeze Sonatas

    Listen Here

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